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Rock Collector Wine Club

Rock Collector Wine Club

What Rock Collector are you?

Choose your rock (juice) collection journey with one of our four palette-inspired 6-bottle modules, delivered to you every 2 months!

Each module is 6 bottles and ships 6x/year. Choose two modules to make your own custom 12-bottle mix. Clearly on one path, and prefer 12 bottles in your shipment? You can double up and do two of the same modules, because two bottles of each wine gives you room to share!

Adventurer: You're well versed in natural wine, and lean towards the nattier side of the spectrum. Not afraid of skin contact, chillable reds, cloudy whites, eruptive Pet-Nats, and a little friendly funk (no dirty socks or mouse though - yuck).

Classic: You love the natural, organic, biodynamic practices but prefer a more classic taste profile -- dry bubbles, crisp whites, juicy, sometimes meaty reds, and light pinks, but hold the funk please.

Fancy: You're on the adventurous path, not too extreme, but you're cool with a little funk and slightly higher bottle cost. Because you want to experience the best of each category - the allocated, cult-y, teeny tiny production bottles that are impossible to source.

Reds: You know just what you like, and that’s pretty much RWO--red wine only. You appreciate a range of red wines, whether classic, chillable, funky, or fresh, you’re always seeing red...

Looking to stick with one perfect palette? Click below to get your favorite style, or double-up for double the juice! 

I only want Adventurer

I only want Classic

I only want Fancy

I only want Reds

This is a bi-monthly subscription. California shipping is INCLUDED, $25 flat rate shipping everywhere else.
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