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Are all the wines on your site natural?

100%!  We only represent small producers who practice organic, biodynamic or regenerative farming practices -- they may be uncertified but always verified.  In addition, all of the wines are made using low-intervention cellar practices, native yeast fermentation, no additives other than minimal added So2 (<50ppm).  For more information on how we define natural wine, check out our list of Natural Wine Standards.

Shipping FAQs

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary based on the number of bottles ordered. Exact costs will be noted in your cart before checkout.
Wine Club orders always ship FREE in California, and for $25 everywhere else.

Note: Hawaii, Alaska and Vermont orders are subject to additional shipping costs.

Where do you ship to?

Our shipping partner services all but the following states: AL, AR, DE, IL, KS, KY, ME, MD, MI, MS, ND, OK, RI, SD, TN, UT, VA, WI
Note: Because shipping regulations are constantly change, we reserve the right to change this list at any time --  if this happens you will be notified that your order was canceled and issued a refund.

How long will it take to get my order?

Wines are typically shipped within 1-3 business days after your order.  Shipping times vary, but are usually 2-5 business days depending on the location in the US. You will get tracking information in your confirmation email after the label is printed. Please note that the delivery date is an estimate, and may change based on factors out of our control.

What shipping carriers do you use?

FEDEX, GLS and a local BIPOC woman-owned service called Piik Up for Bay Area deliveries.

Do I need to be there to sign?

Someone 21 or older must be present to accept and sign for the wine. It is the responsibility of the retailer and any delivery provider they use to verify identification and age, and to determine whether it is otherwise safe and appropriate to furnish you with alcohol. They may require a valid form of photo identification with birthdate and a signed acknowledgment confirming acceptance at the time of pick-up or delivery. If they cannot verify your age or identity, if you appear intoxicated, or if the situation is otherwise unsafe or inappropriate, they may refuse to furnish you with alcohol. Alcohol cannot be left unattended.

What if I miss my delivery and the wine is returned to you?

Our shippers will try up to three times to get your wine to you, but if you miss your three delivery attempts and your box is sent back to us, you'll be charged for the return shipping and restocking fee. The fee is equivalent to the standard shipping price based on the number of bottles purchased and the region, to cover the cost of the wine shipping back to our warehouse.  These costs can be found here.

Do you ship wine in the summer?

Our goal is to ensure that every package that gets shipped is delivered quickly and in perfect condition.  It is extremely rare that wines arrive heat or cold damaged. However, it can happen, particularly when working with wines with no or low added So2. Evidence of weather-related damage may include protruding corks, seepage, etc.  In inclement weather (i.e. extreme heat or extreme cold), we recommend delaying your purchase until the weather cools down in your area. If there is extreme heat at our Napa warehouse, we will delay shipping until the weather is more favorable for shipping wine.

We do offer cold shipping options for customers who wish to take extra precautions for the shipment of their order.  Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that the customer assumes all risks of product shipping at purchase. We are not a shipping company and have zero control over our state and national shipping partners. If you are concerned about weather-related damage, our first recommendation is to delay your purchase until you are more comfortable with the temps in your area.

Wine Club FAQs

What's the wine club all about?

Our Natural Wine Club is a way for us to curate our favorite wines and share them with you on a regular basis. It’s cheaper than buying directly from the bottle shop, shipping cost is either free for CA orders or $25 everywhere else, and you get a permanent 20% discount on the site!  There are four clubs to choose from, based on style preferences, and they deliver every two months.

What if I place an order in a non-shipment month?

If you join mid-cycle, you'll get the current wine mix ASAP and start bi-monthly shipments with the next cycle. After the first charge, your shipments are charged on the 1st of the shipment month, and wines ship out around the 5th of the shipment month. Shipment months are February, April, June, August, September, and November.

Can I pause, cancel or change my club selection?

Yes!  If you need to make any changes to your upcoming shipment, this must be done on the customer portal or by e-mailing us by the 15th of the month before (ex. pause by March 15th for April delivery). We cannot make shipping changes after the 15th of the shipment month, as the delivery machine is already underway.

If I'm traveling and need a new shipment date, can you hold my wine?

For sure, just email us and we'll make it happen for you!

I love the wine! Can I get more?

Absolutely!  You get a permanent 20% site discount to reorder your faves.  We email you a new discount code a week prior to each shipment, and that code is valid for two months until the next code is sent out.  If the wine is showing sold out on the site, email us -- if inventory is available, we're happy to reorder for you.

What's the club shipping schedule?

We send out 6 shipments/year, spacing them out a little unevenly to avoid shipping in December because the delays and errors are rampant in peak holiday season.  Here are the months in which you’ll receive a shipment:  February, April, June, Summer (arrives late July/early August), September (mid-month), and November

Gifting FAQs

I want to add a gift note, can I do that?

Yes! There is an option at checkout.  Fill this in and we'll include the note in the box!

How do gift cards work?

You purchase a gift card like any other product. There are no fees or shipping involved as it will be delivered to you by email. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with a code that you can share with the lucky gift recipient.

How does the wine club pre-paid subscription work?

To purchase the wine club for a friend you have the option to pre-pay for 2 or 3 club shipments. You will pay the full amount upfront, which includes FREE California shipping or $25 everywhere else shipping, and the lucky recipient will receive two or three fabulous wine club shipments.

Return & Refund FAQs

What's your return/refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. Please do not send your purchase back to us. If a bottle is corked or damaged, we will gladly replace or send you a new one on your next shipment.

My wine arrived damaged. Help!

Contact us and we'll send you a new one on your next shipment or offer a credit to use at your convenience in the bottle shop.