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Porta del Venti Voria Frizzante Rosso

Porta del Venti Voria Frizzante Rosso

Region: Monreale DOC < Sicily < Italy

Grapes: Perricone

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic/biodynamic farming, 50 year old vines clay/limestone soils; harvested by hand in small crates then made in
the ancestral method, fermented in concrete, re-fermention in bottle with the addition of grape must, not filtered and not disgorged; 12.5% ABV

Winemaker: Marco Sferlazzo

Porta del Vento, situated high up the side of a mountain in a valley in the Alcamo and Monreale DOC appellation areas, is home to a biodiverse farm with ten hectares of old-vine Catarratto and Perricone. The area is very windy, with great day-night temperature swings, and the vines have a northern orientation to avoid the hot afternoon heat - both factors that ensure freshness and acidity in the wines. Marco uses only organic appropriate sulphur- and copper-based products that are hand-sprayed directly onto the plants if necessary, to avoid the accumulation of substances in the soil.  These are all unusual practices in this area known mainly for industrial wine production.

The Voria Rosso Frizzante is a pet'nat of Perricone, a red grape that grows in the warm sun west of Palermo.  It drinks like a Sicilian Lambrusco, with easy tannins, bright acid and dark cherry fruit carried on a wave of tiny bubbles, cutting through the fat in rich dishes like a freshly honed knife.  Refreshing and easy, pair with pizza, fried foods, potato chips or any tomato sauce dish.  
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