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Old Westminister Winery CANS 2pk

Old Westminister Winery CANS 2pk

Region: Maryland < USA
Grapes: Piquette -- Pinot Gris + Albariño; Rose -- Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin +  Petit Verdot
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; canned without fining or filtering with minimal (if any) added So2
Winemaker: Lisa Hinton

Wine from Maryland? Natural? And in cans? YESSSSSSS!! Run by three siblings, Old Westminister is kicking some serious natural wine ass on the East Coast - the fact that they're even distributed in Cali (and selling out) tells you everything. And their packaging just happens to be fantastic. But back to the family and their juice...

Drew Baker, the vineyard manager, explains the origin story: "In 2009, family discussions began on how to preserve our farm and put the land to work. We were abducted by the idea of planting a vineyard. We all agreed that growing and making wine that reflects our land through a vineyard was an exciting proposition."  So, they researched, traveled, tasted and consulted, and made it happen by 2011, when they planted their first vineyards.  Their first vintage was 2013, and now they produce 30,000 bottles total, with everything done by hand, grown in Maryland and farmed organically.

They do a range of classic and glou glou bottles, but we're partial to the adorable 355ml cans (a smidge shy of half a bottle).  We're featuring two different cans in this two pack:

2018 Skin-Contact Piquette CAN 355ml -- 6% ABV
Piquette is an old-school spritzy style that reuses pressed grape skins to create a delicious, low ABV wine spritzer.  The hydrate pressed grapes with fresh water to make this thirst quenching + sessionable fizz that tastes a bit like kombucha without the yeasty funk. You get candied peaches, grapefruit and lime.  SO GOOD!

2018 Raw Rosé -- 11.5% ABV
A rustic, dark pink, textural rosé that drinks more like a baby red, with bright cherry, rhubarb, watermelon and rose petals.  Yes way, canned rosé!
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