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NV Manoir Tête de la Rouge ‘Free Mousse’ Pétillant Naturel

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Region: Saumur < Loire Valley < France

Grapes: 80% Cabernet Franc, 20% Chenin Blanc
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Farming: certified organic since 1998 and certified biodynamic since 2010; clay-limestone soils; fermentation begins with native yeasts in vats, then transferred to bottles to continue for 10 months; bottled under screwcap with no added So2; 12.5% ABV
Winemaker: Guillaume Reynouard

Le Manoir de la Tête Rouge has been around for a minute or two (ahem, 1649), based in the Saumur region of the Loire Valley.  Certified since 2010, they are all in on the biodynamic farming.  Proprietor Guillaume says, "We consider our 18-hectare area as a living being, the cultivated soil and the surrounding air become the energy base of the vine. Our goal is to provide the plant the best possible environment to grow.”  We love it when he talks dirt like this. 


Almost as much as we love this pretty orange-gold sparkler that glows like the setting sun, which drinks more like a champagne than pet’nat.  With traditional Champagne notes of red apple, pear, citrus zest, subtle buttery toast with fine, persistent bubbles and a crisp, dry finish, this is a lush and fun glass of bubbly with an elegant edge. Pet’nat even your mama – and grandma -- would love, yet interesting enough for the geeks.  All in a biodynamic, no-added-sulfite package. Win-win.

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