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NV Filipa Pato 3B Metodo Tradicional Rosé

NV Filipa Pato 3B Metodo Tradicional Rosé

Region: Bairrada < Portugal

Grapes: Baga, Bical

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming, 30-year-old vines planted on sand over clay-limestone; ferments in big barrel and stainless steel vats; minimal So2; 11.5% ABV

Winemaker: Filipa Pato

Filipa Pato, daughter of Portugal’s wine Jedi Master Luis Pato, worked alongside her dad for years, then channele that experience towards making incredible, honest wines of her own. And judging by how fast we drained this bottle, it seems the force is very strong with this one. Her slogan is “without make-up”, because the goal is to make wine that is honest, true and without all the tricks and additives available in modern winemaking. Take this pretty pink bubbly, which she calls ‘3B’ (because, 2 grapes beginning with B from the region of Bairrada), a delicious and unpretentious brut rosé made from a blend of Bairrada’s signature noble red variety Baga and the tangy, high-acid white grape, Bical. Let Filipa describe this for us—"Raspberries and strawberries on the nose, the palate has the freshness and body of the Baga grape and the creaminess of Bical. She says, I believe that Baga and Bical in Bairrada are like the Chardonnay and the Pinot in Champagne. They need each other to make a balance”. Spicy and perky, with bright citrus and creamy red berries, this is a clean, fantastic (and affordable!) answer to all-occasion (and everyday!) bubbles.

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