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NV Damien and Didier Richou ‘Les D en Bulles’ Méthode Ancestrale

NV Damien and Didier Richou ‘Les D en Bulles’ Méthode Ancestrale

Region: Anjou < Loire Valley < France    

Grapes: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: certified organic farming (since 2000, with certification in 2013), now implementing biodynamic practices, schist and slate soils, vinified via méthode ancestrale without any added sugars, yeast or dosage, 18 months on lees, less than 10mg/l of SO2, 11.5% ABV

Winemaker: Didier Richou

Domaine Richou has been around for exactly 100 years, since 1920. Didier, the eldest brother, became winemaker in 1979 but it wasn’t until 1993 that Damien, the younger brother, came on to help with the viticulture. He has stuck to the vineyards to this day, shepherding the winery through organic certification and now even further into biodynamic practices. They have continued to refine their respective roles, and Didier is considered one of the best, if not the best, winemakers in all of Anjou by many in the know.  They’re in Anjou, which is the heart of Loire Valley’s natural wine scene and also Chenin country. It’s also ground zero for pét-nat.  So it makes sense that the Richou brothers would make a lovely pét-nat of Chenin, and that it would be super precise, elegant and clean, because that's their style.

Which is why we love the Le “D” en Bulles -- it’s complex and bone dry, with zero funk.  But lack of funk does not translate into boring, just widespread appeal. It drinks like grower Champagne, with seashells, fresh green apples and layers of minerality that showcase the unique slate, schist and slightly volcanic soils in Anjou.  Send some to the fam for the spring holidays (Mother’s Day, hello!) and save a few bottles for yourself. Because, there’s always a need for delicious, Spring-y biodynamic pét-nat that over delivers for the price.
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