NV Charlie & Echo Darkstar Sparkling Red

NV Charlie & Echo Darkstar Sparkling Red

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Region: San Diego < California

Grapes: Petite Sirah, Syrah, Nebbiolo, Zinfandel

Vineyard/Cellar Stats:  Organic farming; high-altitude, self-rooted
vines; grapes are destemmed but not crushed so some carbonic
fermentation happens; lees stirring; then transfered to large
stainless vat for secondary fermentation, in the Charmat method,
similar to Lambrusco; bottled unfined/unfiltered with zero-added So2;
zero-zero; 11.7% ABV; 217 cases

Winemakers: Eric + Clara Van Drunen

A fun new urban winery from a husband and wife team in San Diego,
California, Charlie & Echo.  As for the unusual but rad name, the
winery is very close to the naval base there and Clara has a military
background, so they decided to use their call signs Charlie (Claire)
and Echo (Eric) for the project's name.

Darkstar is their ode to Lambrusco: effervescent, dark red, peppery
and bone-dry, making it a charcuterie board’s dream, with plush
tannins to tenderize the proteins and velvet scrubbing bubbles to
clean the pallet. The fruit is crunchy and dark, all black cherries,
cinnamon and plum, spiced up with white pepper, and the carbonation
cleanses and refreshes, making this endlessly sippable with a slight
chill and some fatty food.  So delicious and unusual, you need this
for summer snacking season.

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