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Region: Noto < Sicily < Italy

Grape: Moscato

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming, white calcareous
soils; made in the méthode ancestrale with vinification in concrete
then 6 months in bottle on fine lees; undisgorged, bottled under crown
cap with 20ppm SO2

Winemaker: sisters Marilina Paternò & Federica Paternò

After 25 years making wine for other people, in 2000 Angelo Paternò
pounced on a piece of land in the southeastern Sicilian province of
Siracusa that he declared one of the best viticulture areas he'd seen
in Sicily (the area is also a UNESCO world heritage site). Today his
daughters, Marilina and Federica, run the show with Angelo still
helping in the cellar.

Deeply influenced by Frank Cornelissen, Etna’s godfather of natural
winemaking, the Paternò family has always farmed organically and made
wine with minimal intervention in the cellar (no additives, low
sulfur). They’ve created a vibrant polyculture to ensure ecosystem
stability, with only 35 out of the 60 hectares on the property planted
with vines; the rest of the land is used for mixed farming.  And
they’re making insanely fresh, quaffable and expressive natural wines
- a rarity in this land of bulk Nero d’Avola and flabby whites (it
gets hot here).

We’re partial to this aromatic pet’nat of Moscato, which smells
intoxicatingly floral and honeyed, as if you were sitting in a grove
of citrus trees that are in bloom on a hot summer day.   Cloudy and
pale yellow color, this lightly fizzy wine is bone-dry with those same
white flower/orange blossom notes amplified by the delicate bubbles
and carried on a wave of juicy stone fruit and limestone minerality.
Super fun and delicious, with day drinking written all over it.

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