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Natural Wine Starter Pack

Natural Wine Starter Pack

This starter pack is a perfect introduction to the wild world of
natural wine. If you're new to natural wine, you may think of it as
funky or crunchy, the stuff hippies or hipsters drink, but we're here
to guide you through a new wine drinking experience where there are
fewer hangovers (well, maybe), fresher, brighter flavors, and full
transparency about what's in your glass.  We're talking about wine
made from grapes farmed organically or biodynamically, fermented with
their native yeasts, and made without additives, with little to no
added sulfur. Because much of the conventional wine on the market is
made from chemically-sprayed grapes, inoculated with cultured (and
often, genetically-modified) yeasts, treated with up to 75 additives,
and doused with unknown levels of sulfur - there is no labeling
requirement for wine, so you have no idea what's actually in there.

Is natural wine easier for your body to digest? Yes, but that doesn't
necessarily make it a hangover-free - moderation and hydration are
key.  But unlike with conventional wines, your body is not also
processing glyphosate, additives and high levels of sulfur in addition
to alcohol.   Does it taste different?  Sometimes, but usually it just
tastes more alive, more like itself -- think farmer's market tomato at
peak season, vs. December's mealy grocery store tomato.  The “natural”
in natural wine means that it's not a mass-produced SKU designed to
taste the same always and forever, thanks to a hefty dose of
additives.  And that's a good thing - embrace the unpredictable!

In this starter pack, you'll get six natural wines, curated to your
palate, along with tasting notes that tell the story of the wine,
producer and region.  Because understanding the story behind the wine
is part of the fun - these are small production, artisan products,
made by real people who are good stewards of the land.  Responsible,
chemical-free farming is the most important aspect of natural wine, in
our book -- for the planet, and for our health.

The wines include:
1 pet'nat
2 red wines
2 white wine
1 orange wine

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