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Liquore delle Sirene Americano Rosso

Liquore delle Sirene Americano Rosso

Region: Veneto > Italy

Grapes: Garganega, Trebbiano di Lugana

Production Notes: organic wine blended with infusions of botanicals in pure alcohol, sugar solution added according to recipe. Rested in stainless steel before bottling.

Producer: Elisa Carta

Hello gorgeous! (Yes you ;) ) But also this new stunner we are thrilled to bring back – the Liquore delle Sirene Americano Rosso! The insane color alone convinced us but appearances don’t tell the whole story. During our time in Italy, we lean deep into aperitivo hour, and we are here bring home this tradition to up your pre-game for the holidays. This aperitif wine is grape-based and labeled an Americano because it is bittered with gentian, not wormwood, as with vermouth. What do we mean by ‘bittered’ exactly? This refers to the practice of infusing different botanicals infused in high proof neutral spirit and then adding them to the wine in small amounts. Bittering agents are just that – bitter. But it is all about balance.

Groundbreaking producer, Elisa Carta, does all of her infusions separately, because they all require different levels of alcohol and different time in the solution. She then blends them with the wine according to her secret recipe. And that sexy color we mentioned? It’s all natural! Carefully extracted via specially chosen botanicals: monarda flowers, hibiscus and red potato skins, the result is an electric magenta, hot pink combo that had us in love before the first sip. On the nose you get the floral components which come through as rose, jasmine and orange blossom, plus the smell of orange peel itself.

The palate is generous, tasting like a bowl of cherries and citrus and the gentian comes through on the finish. Drink this over ice with a lemon wedge or take it one step further by topping with sparkling water or prosecco. Not only is it a treat easy enough to make any night of the week, it makes for an impressive and seasonally appropriate cocktail. Having friends over for hors d’oeuvres? Throw this on the table next to ice, a bowl of lemon slices, and your pick of bubbles and let guests serve themselves while you mingle. Or, place on a tray along with classic apps like potato chips, olives, nuts and crackers for your small group while you finish dinner prep. It will be just as tasty after 4 weeks (keep it in the fridge!) so feel free to re-use for several occasions. (Although in our house it never lasts that long!)

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