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Kobal Bajta Sparkling Muskat Pet'Nat

Kobal Bajta Sparkling Muskat Pet'Nat

Region: Haloze  Hills > Lower Styria > Slovenia

Grape: Yellow Muscat

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; marl soils on steep slopes; 35 year old vines; one month skin maceration then made in the ancestral method with bottle fermentation, and bottled, undisgorged, under crown cap, with no added So2; zero zero; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Bojan Kobal

In Northeast Slovenia, near Austrian border, the Kobal family is continuing the wine tradition that has existed in this region since Roman times.  It's a special place where the steep, rocky slopes force the roots of the vines to go deep into the ground to find water, thus absorbing that minerality we love.  Owner and winemaker, Bojan Kobal, is a true scientist of his craft.  

Here yellow Muscat, a super aromatic local varietal, shines in the pet'nat style, where the soft bubbles amplify the aromatic notes (mango, guava, white flowers and citrus) and mineral finish. Cloudy and gleaming like brushed gold, this pretty wine is vibrant, juicy and refreshing, making it the perfect summer refresher for hot days (mornings even).

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