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El Yuca Mayan Habanero Sauce

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Region: Healdsburg < CA  
Ingredients: carrots, onions, habanero peppers from Chef’s garden; Preston Vineyards extra virgin olive oil; white vinegar
Winemaker: Mateo Granados

For years, our friend and amazing Healdsburg chef Mateo Granados has been making his own native Yucatan-style hot sauces from chiles he grows himself. He’s been doing it as a backyard operation for years, serving his Habanero-based sauces at his Healdsburg restaurant, Mateo’s Cocina Latina. Lucky for us, he started bottling small batches to sell at the local Farmer’s Market and Healdsburg foodie shops like Shed – and we got our hands on a couple of cases to offer to Rock Juice clients! We love that the sauces are made strictly by hand, from organic Sonoma ingredients like his own garden-fresh chiles, carrots and onions, adding nothing else but Preston Vineyards olive oil and white vinegar. They’re fiery but balanced, with layers of flavor – and no added sugar or preservatives like most bottled hot sauces on the market.

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