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MV Champagne Vincent Couche 'Eclipsia' Brut

MV Champagne Vincent Couche 'Eclipsia' Brut

Region: Aube < Champagne < France

Grapes: 84% Pinot Noir, 16% Chardonnay

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Demeter-certified biodynamic wine (1st Biodynamic certified WINE in Champagne) + certified organic; chalk + marl soils; base wine is mostly ‘17 vintage; juice goes through ML then spends 5 years on the lees, 8% neutral barrel aged with 3 g dosage; no added So2; zero-zero; 12% ABV 

Winemaker: Vincent Couche

Vincent Couche has farmed his 14ha of vines organically since the start in 1995, and biodynamically since 2008 -- this is extremely rare in Champagne, where only 2% of the production is even organic.  And his wines are actually certified biodynamic, not just the farming practices, so he had to meet a much higher standard - he’s the only one who has achieved this level of certification in Champagne, which is pretty huge.  It was Vincent's mother who inspired his passion for vineyard work, especially when it came to maintaining a natural, chemical-free ecosystem. Because he refuses unnatural methods at every step of the process—from banning any sprays or “-cides”, chaptalization and added So2, to only using gravity to move the wine—Vincent Couche is leading the charge in both the natural and grower Champagne movements.  Vincent is so concerned about biodiversity that he purchased land around his vineyard to keep it wild, and also introduced 200 chickens in the vineyard to fertilize the soil. He even planted fruit trees planted in between vines because they create a "biodiversity highway".  

He's a hippie madman totally out of place in Champagne, and we love that. But he doesn't make hippie juice; quite the opposite actually, Vincent's cuveés are exquisite and pure, wearing their Certified Biodynamic badges with pride, proof that impeccable, earth-forward farming produces the best product.  

Like this 'Eclipsia', a Pinot Noir-heavy blend from the 2017 vintage with a healthy dose of Chardonnay from the famous satellite village of Montgueux that is impressively nuanced and luxurious.  The bubbles are aggressive, so we like to tame them a bit by serving in an all-purpose vs. Champagne glass, allowing the pretty smells of crisp white pear, plum, apple skin, chalk, and seashell to explode like little fireworks up your nose. The palate is soft, ripe, layered, and decadent, with juicy pear and golden apple cut by lemon zest acidity and a chalky mineral finish.  Not too lean and edgy, not yeasty, no lingering sweetness, its a perfectly balanced Champagne with something for everyone.  Including the host who can take pride in serving guests one of the cleanest, purest Champagnes on the market at a price far below the big house bottles that pale in comparison, both in taste and purity.  Go big with these bubbles!

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