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Faccia di Vino Lambrusco Naturál

Faccia di Vino Lambrusco Naturál

Region: Modena < Emilia-Romagna < Italy

Grapes: Lambrusco di Sorbara

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming, clay soils, fermented in stainless steel, held at low temperature and only bottled upon demand to preserve freshness, 30 year old vines; minimal SO2 at bottling only; 11% ABV

Winemaker: Coly Den Haan

Faccia di Vino is a collaboration between Amy Atwood, a CA-based natural wine importer, and Azienda Agricola Pezzuoli, a family-owned winery in the heart of Modena with awesome woman winemaker.  They're not only certified organic, but also have a super low carbon footprint: the winery is in process of a 100% solar panel conversion, the glass bottles are clear and recycled, the wine capsules are biodegradable, PVC free and PET certified, and the wine boxes it ships in are 100% recycled and eco-friendly certified.  This is the model we'd love all wineries to follow -- amazing!  

Also amazing -- this wine!!  Which is NOT a rosé, BTW.  Made from Sorbara, the lesser known Lambrusco grape varietal with less-pigmented skins, you get a pink wine with the style's short maceration/quick press.  She's lightly sparkling – just enough to cleanse your palate after a bite of cheese and salumi (the traditional pairing).   Super dry, with salty raspberries, tart peaches, wild herbs and a puckery pomegranate finish, this pretty baby is so refreshing and drinkable.   We’ve said this before, but we also love that Lambrusco manages to remain impossibly affordable! One day the price will go up, when light, fizzy reds (finally) get sexy – but until then, we’ll keep guzzling this delicious juice all day long…

DRINKING NOTE:  Chill this like you would a white wine and drink straight from the fridge.  Glass optional.

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