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2021 KOBATL “Fiasko” Frizzante Pet Nat

2021 KOBATL “Fiasko” Frizzante Pet Nat

Region: Styria < Austria

Grapes: Sauvignac + Souvignier Gris

Vineyard/cellar stats: organic farming, volcanic soils; By hand and placed into little baskets; spontaneous fermentation with final fermentation in the bottle without disgorging, no added sulphites, no temperature control; zero-zero; 10% ABV

Winemaker: Michael Kobatl

Kobatl is an organic garage winery, working with only fungus resilient grape varieties (PIWI) in the part of Austria with mineral-rich volcanic soils on a 3.3 hectare organic estate, cultivated by Michael, who fell in love with natural wines during his travels.  He returned home and found out that his own area is one of the most unique wine regions of the world, with volcanic soil and an illyrian climate (transitional climate between mediterranean, alpine and pannonian climates) that are a magical combo for vines, and as it turns out, apples too.  Their property has an old apple orchard alongide pristine grape vines of the PIWI variety, with lush grasses growing throughout that are happily grazed by the family sheep Hanni, Franni, Ganni, Sanni and Nanni.   And what's PIWI, you ask?  These are hybrid grapes crossed specifically for disease resistance - the new grape babies are so tough, no mold, insect or other ailment can infect them.  They are SUPERGRAPES that need no treatment of any sort in the vineyard, making organic farming/natural winemaking easy peasy.  People, this is the future!

And Michael's fun Fiasko Pet'Nat is such a great showcase for these amazing grapes!  It smells green and floral, with some lime, like summer in a meadow in Mexico. Super bright and zippy on the palate, it tastes like fresh squeezed lemon juice with a nectarine twist. Fresh acidity, smooth bubbles - this is Lemonade for adults!  Would be such a great starter or palate refresher for a holiday dinner!


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