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NV Farmstead Kelly Cider 500ml

NV Farmstead Kelly Cider 500ml

Region: Jackson Hole < Wyoming

Grapes:  Apples from within the Jackson Hole city limits, 40 diff varieties crabapple aged 6 mos (50%) + Newton Pippin apples; ottled under crown cap, undisgorged, with no added So2; zero-zero; 7.1% ABV

These are dry, naturally sparkling ciders made like wine from apples + crabapples found around the Jackson area, where there is a surplus of apples (because homesteaders were required to plant apple trees when they got the plot). But most of the fruit was left to fall and rot, attracting bears who love them some boozy apples, causing mayhem in residential neighborhoods. To save both bears and humans, the Farmstead guys remove the fruit and make yummy juice from it. They even make one in collaboration with Yellowstone from the fruit found on the perimeter of the park, helping keep the bears in the park — and out of danger.

They're all fab but our fave is the Kelly Street made with a high percentage of tiny, tannic crabapples. Not sweet or super apple-y, this one is complex and tannic and rides the line between cider and Pet-Nat. 
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