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2020 Meinklang 'Foam Vulkan' Ancestral White Somló

2020 Meinklang 'Foam Vulkan' Ancestral White Somló

Region: Somló < Hungary

Grapes: Harslevelü, Juhfark

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Demeter certified biodynamic farming with extreme biodiversity and regenerative practices; 35-60 year old vines on sandy, loam topsoil, volcanic subsoil; early harvest, made in ancestral method with fermentation continuing in the bottle and bottled unfined/unfiltered under crown cap with a tiny bit of added SO2; 10.5% ABV

Winemaker: Werner, Hannes and Lukas Michlits

NEW VINTAGE!  The killer fuzzy Hungarian fizz is back!  In case you don't know the Meinklang story, here's a quick refresher: the Michlit family were farmers on the land before World War I, when this part of Austria still belonged to Hungary. They have always worked a fully integrated farm with animals (cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and horses), orchards and grains in addition to grapes. They practice crop rotation and nothing goes to waste. After the war, the farm was broken in two and their village ended up across the border in Austria meaning they had to give up their parcel in Hungary's mountainous and extremely volcanic Somló Mountain region. Parents Anneliese and Werner proudly reclaimed this plot after the fall of communism, which worked out very well when it became clear that not just one, but all of their three sons would stick around to carry on the family business!

This neon yellow pet'nat is new to the Meinklang family, from early-pick grapes meant to showcase the true volcanic terroir of the Somló region.  It sounds like something you'd find on the Death Star: Foam Vulcan, but trust, it's something the Jedi warriors most definitely drink to fuel up for battle.   Hailing from their property in Hungary, this lightly fizzy wine is a combo of indigenous Hungarian varieties, Hárslevelü and Juhfark (pronounced 'you-fark' -- go ahead and laugh).

Super delicious and perfectly balanced between the stone fruit and bruised apples in the Hárslevelü and fierce acidity, brightness and minerality from the Juhfark.  It tastes like a summery concoction of wildflowers, white fruit, green apples and tart lemons with a subtle yeasty note that softens the intense acidity.  Stock up, this won't last!
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