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2020 Angelo Negro 'Vino Rosso'

2020 Angelo Negro 'Vino Rosso'

Region: RoeroPiemonte < Italy

Grapes: Brachetto

Vineyard/Cellar: Certified organic farming; grapes are cryo-macerated for 24 hours then fermented with native yeast in stainless steel; floating cap for 10 days; maturation in stainless steel for 5+ months on the lees of Arneis with regular battonage; bottled unfined/unfiltered with minimal So2; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Giovanni Negro


Piemonte is arguable the most serious wine region in Italy, known for the noble Nebbiolo grape, a grape that possess a great amount of grace and complexity -- but also a grape that takes time, patience and, to do it right, big bucks.  But Nebbiolo isn't the only story of Piemonte.  There are other grapes that carry on the stories of the region just as well as the famed "grape of fog".  One of these varietals is the Brachetto grape, typically used to create effervescent, slightly sweet wine from the commune of Acqui.  These wines have deep historical roots dating back to the Romans, when the area was known for it's hot sulphur springs.  The famed Brachetto wine is even rumored to be the wine of choice of Cleopatra, often brought to her by would-be suitors.  

Angelo Negro is a historic estate dating back to 1600's in the Roero area and one of the first to be certified organic here (organic isn't a big thing, unfortunately, in Piemonte, as in many other famous regions where consistency is more important).  But the Negro family has managed to carry on the legacy of this prestigious region while maintaining strict organic grape growing and low-intervention winemaking standards.  Like in this pretty Vino Rosso, a modern expression of the Brachetto grape that showcases the dry side of this aromatic grape, giving you the pretty rose and violet and crunchy red cherry fruits for which this varietal is known, without the higher sugar levels of the traditional sweet Brachetto style.  Bright and fresh, herbal and tart, this light wine is such a versatile quaffer!  Pair it with small bites or a cheese course as you prepare dinner, or save it for the main.  


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