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2022 Subject to Change 'Dreamboat'

2022 Subject to Change 'Dreamboat'

Grape: Picpoul, Viognier, Roussanne & Vermentino; Petite Sirah (Durif) & Mouvedre

Region: Lovett Vineyard < Lake County < CA

Red/white co-ferment that tastes like salty, savory watermelon jerky!

Vineyard/cellar stats: CCOF-certified organic farming; whites are picked a few days before the reds, then de-stemmed and moved to a tank to soak and begin maceration. A few days later reds are harvested, the Mourvedre thrown in uncrushed as whole clusters on top of the whites. Petite Sirah is de-stemmed and soaked for two days before being pressed into the tank of the whites + Mourvedre.  After five days of maceration the whole lot is pressed and barreled down to finish a long and slow fermentation (allowing it to retain great aromatics). It's aged on its lees in 225L neutral oak barrels for 7 months, with no stirring and topped every 2 weeks.  Bottled unfined/unfiltered with no added SO2; zero-zero; 12.9% ABV; 532 cases; Label art by Daniel Castro.

Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz

We've been working with the Cali-natty wines from our friend Alex Pomerantz since he started Subject to Change a few years ago. The grapes for Dreamboat come from two certified organic vineyards in the Redwood Valley.  Alex loves to talk about his growers and his grapes: "Dreamboat is a true field blend made up of all of the red and white varieties planted at Lovett Vineyard.  For the whites, we have Picpoul, Viognier, Roussanne & Vermentino; grapes normally found in the Rhone Valley and Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. They do extremely well in warm dry climates like Lake County. These grapes add so much to this wine; texture, body, and beautifully delicate aromatics. Petite Sirah (Durif) & Mouvedre, the two red grapes in this blend, also thrive in hot climates and are native to Southern France. These two varieties give Dreamboat its color, tannin and fresh berry flavors." 

So why did they name this wine Dreamboat? For starters, the color is pretty dreamy. The wine itself will sail you into a fruit punch sunset and well, with the whole Lake County, lakeside vineyard thing, Alex says they kind of had to. So what does this wine taste like, you ask?  From Alex: "watermelon gummies, grenadine, guava and orgeat (almond). You can call this rosé, you can call it pink, you can call it red; we'll leave that up to you. We think this is best served with a chill (55 degrees). It's also happy a touch cooler but too cold and you'll lose a lot of the aromatics."  

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