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Clean Spritz Starter Kit

Clean Spritz Starter Kit

Over summers in Italy, we've become diehard aperitivo fans (mostly because of the snacks), but while everyone and their mother is drinking the Aperol Spritz, we usually stick with wine since Aperol is super sweet and includes some nasty ingredients like Red Dye #44.  But then we discovered the natty wine equivalent of Aperol, an organic wine-based spirit called  Liquore delle Sirene Americano Rosso that is infused with wild botanicals and colored with veggies and flowers instead of chemicals, and now we're back in the Spritz game.  

You can be too with this Clean Spritz kit that includes said wine-based spirit (that is made to the same standards as Rock Juice wines, by a woman no less!) and a bottle of dry Pet-Nat for mixing.  The recipe is easy peasy:

1. Fill a large wine glass with ice
2. Add 3 parts organic Pet-Nat + 2 parts Sirene Americano Rosso
3. Fill to the top with Italian sparkling mineral water
4. Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!

Clean up your year-round Spritz game with this starter kit.  Also makes a fun hostess gift for your Spritz-addicted friend.  Includes Liquore delle Sirene Americano Rosso + a bottle of dry natural bubbles.

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