2022 Hunky Dory Sauvignon Blanc

2022 Hunky Dory Sauvignon Blanc

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Region: Marlborough < New Zealand

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming; winery certified
organic; silt soils over gravel; fermented and aged in stainless
steel; bottled unfined/unfiltered with minimal So2; 12% ABV

Winemaker:  Claire & Mike Allan

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Mike and Claire Allan in 1996, Huia
Vineyards (pronounced HOO-yah) is one of Marlborough's only producers
dedicated to minimal intervention, organically farmed wines.   After
studying winemaking in Australia, Claire spent time at Champagne
Taittinger before returning home to New Zealand where she made wine
for other estates.  Mike met Claire at college before going on to have
his own winemaking career at seminal New Zealand wineries such as
Cloudy Bay, while also briefly working in Champagne at Veuve Cliquot.
When Mike and Claire decided to establish their own brand, the couple
knew they would remain in Marlborough for the same reason that first
attracted them to the region: the bright, aromatic fruit character
that defined the wines produced there. Given Mike's passion for
fishing, its coastal location didn't hurt either.  Named after the
fishing boat that Mike built for himself, Hunky Dory is the second
label from Huia, with grapes sourced from a combination of their own
vineyards and other organic sites across Marlborough. Ever humble,
Mike and Claire's dedication to expressing the terroir of Marlborough
while farming organically separates them from the rest of their
region. "We call this piece of land we live and work on ours, but we
really know it won't be ours for long in the grand scheme of things.
Even now we share it with a lot of other living things that deserve a
harmonious existence. There is no place for chemicals here, and no
place for animal by-products in our wine.  We don't use the term
'clean' for wines that are made naturally and that don't use any
chemicals. We prefer 'certified organic'. It shows we've had an
independent body verify that we do what we say we do. At its heart,
organic winemaking is about being able to work a farm without relying
on chemical intervention. We prefer to let time and gravity 'fine' our

Their Sauv Blanc is classic Marlborough but not in your face with the
gooseberry/cat pee/jalapeno notes.  Instead, you get pretty tropical
fruit alongside salty grapefruit and lime flavors, plus ripping
acidity and a long lingering finish.  Fantastic quality to price ratio
with this one, making it an excellent house wine choise for SB lovers.

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