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2022 Domaine Fond Cyprès - Cyprès de Toi Blanc

2022 Domaine Fond Cyprès - Cyprès de Toi Blanc

Region: Corbières <  Languedoc-Roussillon < France
Grapes: Chardonnay
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic, 60-80 year old vines on calcareous + blue marl soils; direct-pressed and cold settled into stainless steel tanks, bottled unfined and unfiltered, with minimal added So2; 13% ABV
Winemaker: Letitia Ourliac and Rodolphe Gianesini

NEW VINTAGE!  From the Brigitte Bardot of Corbières and her endearing husband come the wines of Fond Cyprès.  The couple, whose real names are Laetitia Ourliac & Rodolphe Gianesini, is intent on producing wines that express their sultry slice of the Languedoc — specifically, Escales, in the northernmost part of the Corbières AOC. Their domaine begins at the end of a road lined with Cypress trees and extends in either direction across 15ha of lush vegetation, a secret garden of olives, tomatoes, eggplants, wild herbs, and newly-born kittens.

In 1998, they bought a forgotten 18 hectare vineyard in Escales, in the Corbières appellation.  Their vineyard has calcareous soils (high levels of magnesium carbonate and calcium reduce soil acidity), and is influenced by cold northwest “vent Cers” winds, and the humid air brought in by the vent Mediterranean.  Over the next six years, the two trained as winemakers and slowly began to re-work their land in the old way, building terraces and planting vines, and getting to know their terroir. By 2004, Domaine Fond Cyprès was born.  In the 16 years since, Laetitia and Rodolphe have continued to experiment and evolve as winemakers. They’ve gained a deeper understanding of their land, grapes, and style. 

This finesse that comes from experience is quite evident in this crowd-pleasing, food-friendly Chardonnay, which they make from négociant fruit purchased from a neighboring certified organic grower.  Not your mom's buttery Chard, it is quite the opposite: bright, vibrant, fresh and lean, with crunchy Granny Smith apple, Asian pear and a nice herby component, like thyme or oregano, this is a Chard for Chardonnay haters. Eat this with your omelette or potatoes roasted with a bunch of herbs and imagine yourself on a sunny afternoon at a beautiful alfresco luncheon in the south of France.

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