2021 Marco Mosconi Corvina BIO

2021 Marco Mosconi Corvina BIO

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Region: Valpolicella Valley < Veneto < Italy

Grape: Corvina

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic/biodynamic farming on alluvial + calcareous marl soils; special pick of the best bunches of Corvina. Fermentation takes place in steel. At the end of fermentation, the refinement continues in steel and cement for about 6 months. Nothing added during the production process, not even sulfur; bottled unfined/unfiltered, with zero added SO2; zero-zero; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Marco Mosconi

Marco and his wife Valentina farm their bucolic, organic estate in the eastern part of Valpolicella, in a valley surrounded by hills studded with vineyards, olive groves and cherry trees.  Their whole identity is centered around the flower of life, a symbol of harmony, vitality and fertility.  In 2019, they produced their first vintage of what he calls "vital, spontaneous and free wines" that spring from biodynamic farming practices in the vineyard.  In the cellar he "listens to" the grapes, and avoids interventions, because his goal is to preserve the "life forces of the original fruit during the grape-wine transformation process and to obtain a digestible drink that gives a sense of well-being".  Super woo woo, and we're totally into it.  It's a true family operation -- Elena, Marco’s sister, paints the labels in watercolor.

Part of Marco's zero-zero "flower of life" series, this lovely little wine is 100% Corvina, a thin-skinned red grape that produces light, almost translucent red wines.  Sour cherries are balanced by sweet red fruit (strawberry, plum) and herbs (sage + oregano) on the palate, and with friendly tannins and acidity, it's the perfect chillable red.  Also an excellent companion for food, a whole buffet of them, so we're definitely including this baby in our Thanksgiving day lineup.

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