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2021 Entre Vinyes 'Oniric'

2021 Entre Vinyes 'Oniric'

Region: Penedes < Spain

Grapes: Xarel-lo

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming on virgin soil in the Foix Natural Park; 60+ year old vines on calcareous soil; 11.5% ABV

Winemaker: Dani Sanchez & Maria Barrena

A super fun Spanish pet'nat from Maria of Azul + Garanza!  Entre Vinyes, is the second project from Dani Nogue Sanchez and siblings Maria and Fernando Barrena Belzunegui. While their winery is set in Las Bardenas Reales of Navarra, the Entre Vinyes wines come from a vineyard in Penedes in the Foix Natural Park that Maria husband's family has managed since the 40's. The restoration of this vineyard has been a passion project for Maria because of the insane amount of biodiversity here that creates an ecosystem which naturally regulates the equilibrium of the vineyard and produces low yielding organic fruit of exceptional quality.  ‘Oniric’ is a word in Catalan to describe a ‘dreamer.’  Which totally fits, because this project stemmed from their dream to rescue these stunning old-vine parcels that had belonged to their family.  As why the birds on all their labels? Well, birds in the vineyards are a sign of life, a sign of a balanced ecosystem and a reward for farming honestly and correctly. Secondly, as they finally now have their own space where they make the wines, they liken the grapes now having their own winery/ home just as birds have their nests.

While Penedes is mostly known for Cava, which they also make and we're featuring this month, this is a still wine made from the local grape Xarel-lo from the  L'Arboç estate (certified organic) vineyard.  Xarel-lo is the base wine for much of the region's Cava, but rarely stands on its own, though it totally shines on center stage.  Kind of like the grape version of J.Lo -- X.Lo!   It happens to be the perfect everyday, food or no food, white. Aromatic, crisp and light, yet textured, with citrus, peaches spring flowers and a lovely saline note.  

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