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2021 Chateau La Baronne 'Juste le Rouge'

2021 Chateau La Baronne 'Juste le Rouge'

Region: Corbieres < Languedoc-Roussillon < France

Grapes: 85% Grenache Gris + Mourvedre

Vineyards/cellar stats: Certified organic + certified biodynamic
(Demeter); gravel terraces on clay-limestone soils; Grenache Gris in
amphora with 6 months of maceration, Mourvèdre in stainless steel
tanks. MLF completed. Blended and bottled, unfined/unfiltered, with
minimal So2; 12% ABV; 250 cases

Winemaker: Jean & Anne Lignères

Located on the warm, windswept plains of southern France,
Languedoc-Roussillon is the largest wine producing region in France.
Here, wine is prolific and historical -- the Languedoc produces about
10% of the world's wine and is believed to be the home to the original
Roman vines (the oldest vines in France). Unfortunately, over the
years, the hot, arid and mostly flat plains between Narbonne and
Montpellier have become known for quantity over quality.
Cooperatives, making mostly conventional 'table wine', the kind you
find in French grocery stores for 3 Euro, are the main players.  But
today the region is undergoing a transformation, with a few
natural-leaning producers leading the charge for small-scale, quality,
low-intervention wine production. And in the heart of Occitania, not
far from Nice, there is a wild, unspoilt land where you find the
Corbières Massif and the Montagne d'Alaric, two of France's national
treasures. Here, nestled in its foothills, in an extraordinary natural
ecosystem, lies Château La Baronne.

The Château is the home of the Lignères family, four generations of
doctors who sideline as farmers.  But think about it -- you take
highly intelligent, methodical doctors, whose family happen to have
some old land holdings, and let them be farmers, you end up with some
pretty amazing low-intervention juice. They care about all the health
benefits of wine and they cut out all the things that are bad for you.
They just make wine from grapes, pretty simple.  Jean is still the
village doctor, and he and his wife have family ties in the wine world
dating back to the 16th century. The family farms with biodynamic,
intuitive practices to preserve the life of the soils and the entire
property works as an ecosystem. There are some incredibly old vines on
site, over 115 years old, and it is pretty special to have access to
this age of rootstock.

'Juste le Rouge' is one of the newest projects of Jean and Anne, a
light and juicy blend of white and red grapes meant for crushing early
and often. A translucent dark pink in the glass, you might mistake it
for a dark rosé, but there is a surprising structure, acidity and
rocky minerality balancing the fresh and fruity strawberry Kool-Aid

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