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2021 Casa Comerci 'Granatu' Magliocco Rosato

2021 Casa Comerci 'Granatu' Magliocco Rosato

Region: Calabria < Italy

Grapes: Magliocco Canino

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming, fermented and aged in stainless steel for 8 months, then 2 months in bottle; <20ppm SO2 at bottling; 13% ABV; 550 cases

Winemaker: Domenico Silipo

Calabria, Italy’s big toe, is a haunting place, with warm (sometimes sandy) breezes from the Sahara Desert, half-abandoned villages hanging off cliffs on the sea, and lots of rugged mountains. But the region is pretty much off the radar of most wine drinkers, which is a shame, as they can be so good. Like this this unique rosato made of young vine Magliocco grapes, from the estate of Domenico Silipo and his sons.

Granàtu” means "the pomegranate" in Calabrian dialect, so named for the brilliant coral color of this gorgeous rosé made entirely of Magliocco Canino, a rare native grape of Calabria that has risked extinction. Today it represents only about 4% of the Calabrian production with just over 500 hectares of vineyards. It was once used as a blending grape to give body to wines, because this late-ripening grape has thickish skin (meaning high tannins).  But lightly pressed and made into a rosé, the tannins are subtle and give this wine a 'tweener quality -- somewhere between a dark pink and baby red.  Herbal and savory, with salty watermelon and a slightly bitter grapefruit edge this reminds us of the wine-version of Campari.  So delicious on its own or with pretty much any food, we've got this one on heavy rotation for summer.  STAFF FAVE

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