2020 Weingut Freitag Naked Friday Pet-Nat Rosé

2020 Weingut Freitag Naked Friday Pet-Nat Rosé

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Region: Rheinhessen < Germany

Grapes:Dornfelder, Portugieser und Pinot Noir

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; harvested early and completely fermented in bottle; unfined/unfiltered with zero-added So2; zero-zero; 11% ABV

Winemaker: Philipp Freitag

Philipp Freitag, whose brand motto is "It's not porn, it's art!", is the guy behind the viral hashtag #NakedFriday, which playfully borrows from the translation of Freitag, meaning Friday in German.  He's pushing boundaries everywhere, from his #NakedFriday post where he features a winemaker naked in the vineyards or in his wine cellar (!), to his super low intervention work in the cellar.  New(ish) to winemaking, Philipp just finished his viticulture training in 2016, and now makes a few wines in the Naked Friday lineup from his organica vineyards.  In the cellar, he lets the wine naturally do its thing – he says he just helps it show up to the party.  Whatever he's doing is apparently working, as he was recently named one of the best winemakers in the region of Rheinhessen.  

This pretty peachy-pink Naked Friday fizz is a blend of three local red varietals, harvested early and completely fermented in bottle for a pet’nat that finishes clean and dry.  Super cloudy in the bottle (because it is unfined & unfiltered), with all the probiotic goodness and texture left in the bottle, this tastes like a peppery Bellini made of unripe peach puree, skins and all, with Sour Patch Kids and strawberries -- addictively tart and puckery, it goes down way too quickly...

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