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2020 Viña Echeverria 'Wild' PetNat

2020 Viña Echeverria 'Wild' PetNat

Grape: Chardonnay

Region: Curicó Valley < Chile

Vineyard/cellar stats: Organic farming; calcareous clay/limestone soils; grapes are de-stemmed and pressed, then the juice rests for 24hrs prior to fermentation with wild yeast in stainless steel for 18 days until 10grams of RS. Bottled to finish fermentation. No filtration or stabilization, and no added So2; zero-zero; certified vegan friendly; 13.7% ABV

Winemaker: Roberto Echeverria

Active in Chilean agriculture, grape growing and winemaking since 1740, the Echeverria family established their current vineyards and winery in 1923 in the outskirts of Molina, a town in the Curicó Valley.  Like many growers in Chile, the family began by producing bulk wines, but in 1990 they pivoted to producing quality wines for export, with sustainability at the core.  In the mineral rich soils of this region, with organic grapes (both estate and purchased) from French pre-phylloxera rootstocks, they're making quality natural wine for the people: clean, delicious, easy, fun labels, affordable prices.   

We're loving this Pet'nat, appropriately named 'Wild', yes because there is a sexy Cheetah on the label, but also because the fruit is so tropical and exotic it tastes like jungle juice.  Chardonnay done in the ancestral method takes on a rich, ripe mango flavor, which might be too much if the bubbles didn't diffuse the intense fruit.  Instead, it's juicy and lifted, with that ripe mango plus apple and citrus, and cool herbal Bay leaf thing on the finish.  Wildy cool wine.

DRINKING NOTE: It is pretty cloudy, so if you 're not a fan of the Kombucha-like sediment at the end of the bottle, shake the bottle up before you open it (over a sink, just to be safe) to disperse the sediment and get tiny flecks of the good (live active culture) stuff throughout instead of the last glass looking like a SCOBY-dump.
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