2019 Martha Stoumen Post-Flirtation White

2019 Martha Stoumen Post-Flirtation White

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Region: Contra Costa County < California

Grapes33% Colombard, 26% Marsanne, 23% Roussanne, 18% Muscat blanc

Vineyard/Cellar Stats:

Roussanne, Marsanne, and Muscat blanc come from The Urban Edge Farm in Contra Costa County; certified organic, sandy soils; Colombard comes from Ricetti Vineyard in Mendocino County; planted in 1948; certified organic; dry farmed on loam; Urban Edge fruit is co-fermented then blended with early-pick Colombard and aged in stainless steel; 10 PPM SO2 added at bottling only, 9.5% alcohol

Winemaker: Martha Stoumen

We love female winemakers (obviously), and Martha Stoumen is one of California’s rising stars in the low-intervention wine world. We’re also pretty stoked to discover her light-as-air white blend that is full of character and aromatic, tropical fruit, but low on alcohol - the perfect summer day-drinker that we put in the category of "delicious water".  

Martha talks about how she makes this fun wine: "The Urban Edge Farm is located outside of Oakley, Contra Costa County (affectionately CoCo). The weather and soils of CoCo are reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with a hot land mass, super duper sandy soils, and a near constant cooling wind coming off of the very cold salty waters of the Carquinez Strait. The resulting wines are full of summer flavors, slightly salty, and extremely drinkable. After the CoCo fruit is co-fermented, we blend in some early season Colombard to illuminate the brightness of this wine. This old vine Colombard is versatile, as it maintains basically the same sugar level and acidity on the vine from August to November. When picked in late August it reminds me of a featherweight Basque Txakoli." 

We love the flavors of sweet-tart canned pineapple, kiwi, lemon rind and a lots of salty, ocean air.  Be careful, this one goes down fast!

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