2020 Joe Swick Piquette 3.0 Columbia Valley

2020 Joe Swick Piquette 3.0 Columbia Valley

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Region: Columbia Valley < Washington

Grapes: Cinsault

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming. After pressing the grapes for the main wine, the leftover skins were rehydrated with water, which brings out any sugars left in the pomace. After letting them soak a bit, the rehydrated pomace is pressed again for a second time and treated just like a pet-nat. The juice is bottled at about zero Brix and 7.5% to 8% ABV. Fermentation finishes in the bottle, pet'nat style. Unfined, unfiltered, no added sulfites; 7.7% ABV

Winemaker: Joe Swick

A red/white blend of Southern Rhone grapes from Washington State
vineyards  - you’ve seen Twilight, this place is all about the
mountains and the rain and the crazy shit that happens in the wild,
green forests.  Which is why Joe Swick, 5th generation Oregonian
winemaker who is somewhat of a natural wine pioneer in the Pacific
Northwest, loves sourcing from the pristine Washington State
vineyards.   A refresher on Joe: after traveling and working in wine
all over, he returned to Oregon to start his own label in 2013. Like
many young natural winemakers, he doesn’t own any vineyards but
sources grapes from organic or biodynamic vineyards in the Willamette
and Columbia Valleys of Oregon and Washington.  He makes a bunch of
different bottles, most with no added So2, and all with cheeky names.

This year Joe got in on the Piquette game.  Quick refresher: Piquette is an old-is-new-again style in which the leftover skins are rehydrated in spring water and pressed again, making a second, less concentrated wine with low alcohol and high refreshment value.  The style has been made for eons, starting with ancient Romans and Greeks who made it for the farm workers, as a lunch beverage that wouldn't make them drunk (and less productive).  The 3rd in Joe's series of limited-edition Piquette bottlings, this one from Cinsault, is more wine-like, less watery than some Piquette.  Super refreshing, uncomplicated, it tastes like tart boysenberry jam swirled into Topo Chico, sort of like a berry-flavored Ranch Water.  Yes, it's that all-day-drinkable.  Stock up for summer.

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