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2020 Gober & Freinbichler “Vineyard Project 004” Blaufränkisch

2020 Gober & Freinbichler “Vineyard Project 004” Blaufränkisch

Region:  Burgenland < Austria

Grapes: Blaufränkisch

Vineyard/Cellar stats: Organic farming (2020 is under conversion, from
2021 vintage will be certified organic) magmatic rock + green schist
soils at 450-480 meters above sea level; open spont. fermentation in
vats; bottled unfined/unfiltered with no added So2; zero-zero; 12.5%
ABV; 100 cases

Winemaker: Domink Gober + Gerald Freinbichler

Domink and Gerald met in the famous cellar of Franz Weninger, where
they both worked and learned their trade.  After years of working
together in the Austrian viticultural village of Horitschon, the duo
decided in 2015, with Franz’s encouragement, to found their own
winery. They decided to focus on just one grape: Blaufränkisch from
the region Mittelburgenland, with the goal of making Blaufränkisch
that shows that their region is, as Domink says, "more than heavily
soil and warm weather + fat wines - because that's what Austrians
think of when they think of Burgenland!"  They salvaged an old 1,000
SF garage winery and brought back to life a few abandoned plots of
Blaufränkisch to make their first cuvee, and now are buying up
vineyards for cheap from local co-op growers and making the farming
better, essentially rescuing vineyards from the chemical invasion of
conventional farming.  We love this mission, and how the packaging,
with a label resembling the Red Cross (or first aid) symbol, tells the
story so graphically.

And the juice itself is equally spot on.  A lighter expression of
Blaufränkisch, this one plays on the savory side, with green herbs,
slightly unripe blackberry, spice, smoke and earth.  It demands a
slight chill and pairs beautifully with so many things - BBQ, tacos, a
warming fall stew - but is also the perfect light red to sip pre or

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