2019 Tessier Femme Fatale Rosé

2019 Tessier Femme Fatale Rosé

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Region: El Dorado County + Santa Cruz Mountains < California

Grapes: Grenache, Pinot Noir

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Uncertified organic farming; high altitude
vineyard; clay loam soils with volcanic debris and traces of granite;
grapes were lady foot-stomped then fermented separately, blended, then
aged in stainless steel; minimal So2 at bottling only; 12.8% ABV; 250

Winemaker: Kristie Tacey

The Tessier homepage, with a provocative image the 1965 film Faster
Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and the Velvet Underground line, “Here she
comes, you better watch your step,” tells you a lot about Kristie.
She is fierce, and not afraid to flex her power, or her femininity.
She’s also incredibly smart. I mean, really, smart -- as in “former
microbiologist who worked on the Human Genome Project” smart. In 2006,
she left the field of science for wine, but never lost the discipline,
bringing that scientific precision and geekiness to her winemaking.

Kristie started her own project in 2009, working with a handful of
family-farmed vineyards in NorCal, and at first, played it safe with
more conventional California-style wines.  But as she’s learned and
grown more confident, she has moved over to the natty side. But first
she is a scientist, so although the wines are made in a very
low-intervention way, they are clean, precise and balanced.

A huge music lover, Kristie names all of her wines after a song - our
Femme Fatale here is an homage to the Velvet Underground song.  It's
her 5th vintage of this wine, each one with a slightly different ratio
of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot and El Dorado Grenache. This year it is
92% Grenache, 8% Pinot Noir, with the Grenache grapes getting a foot
stomp before they went into the press, and the Pinot Noir is a saigneé
(bleed) of juice from the Santa Cruz Mountains fruit. Blended
together, they create this pretty pale-pink rosé with bright acidity
and a silky texture.  A little sweet-tart, like cotton candy and
yellow plum, strawberries and wet rock, this is a classic rosé that
even your mom would love.

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