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2019 Terrassen Rosé

2019 Terrassen Rosé

Region: Finger Lakes < New York

Grapes: Blaufränkisch

Vineyard/cellar Stats: Organic farming; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Thomas Pastuszak

We love new wine projects from somms, because they seem to really GET balance, having always been tasked with pairing wines with food and please people in their restaurants.  Like Terrassen, a new project by Thomas Pastuszak, wine director of The Nomad Hotel, and his wife
Jessica Brown.  “I had always thought I’d go into medicine,” says
Thomas Pastuszak.  A neurobiology major at Cornell and a classical
pianist, he was taking his MCATs and working in restaurants to pay off
his student loans when he decided to change course. “It was wine that
drew me in,” he says, “the combination of art and science that goes
into a wine program. I never looked back."  Thomas and Jessica started their wine project to show people the potential of the Finger Lakes region, which is still somewhat experimental. Unencumbered by the market demands faced by more entrenched regions like Napa Valley, they’re making some pretty cool domestic wines in the literally cool climate of the Finger Lakes -- meaning wines with relatively low
alcohol and plenty of refreshing acidity.

Like this rosé, which stands out in the sea of pink, one-dimensional
fruity rosés that line the shelves these days.  This medium-pink baby
proudly wears her electric acidity like a zippy lemon spritz infused
with tart pomegranate, sour cherry and rose petals.  But the dry,
softly textured finish is easy, not mouth-puckering at all, rendering
it extremely crowd-friendly, but never boring.  Exactly the style of
rosé you should have lying around for any and all occasions and
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