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2019 Subject to Change Chenin Blanc 'Chill Pill' Deandra Vineyard

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Grape: Chenin Blanc

Region: Redwood Valley < Mendocino County < CA

Vineyard/cellar stats: Organic farming; fruit is soaked on the skins
for 2 days, fermented, and raised in neutral barrels for 6 months;
bottled, unfined, unfiltered, with zero added SO2; 350 cases; 11.2%

Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz

Subject to Change, a project from our friend Alex Pomerantz, is
relatively new on the natty Cali wine scene.  We love his commitment
to using only organic or biodynamic fruit (something not all “natural”
winemakers insist on) and eschewing all additives, including added
sulfites, in the wines.  For him, it’s all about the pristine quality
of the fruit, which comes from. About this new addition to his lineup,
Alex says, “We're becoming known for our red wines, but we make
whites, too - it's just a little bit trickier to come by high quality,
organically farmed white fruit.  Luckily we were able to score some
old vine Chenin last year from a family farm in Redwood Valley. This
is Chenin just the way we like it: fresh, clean, with a textural
backbone and nervy acidity. Super pumped to add this one to our line!”

We’re pretty pumped as well, because this Chenin is light, fresh,
pretty and clean as a whistle while still managing to be complex and
intriguing.  There are layers of lemon curd, salt spray and crisp pear
that tickle your tongue before fleeing. It tastes a bit like lemon
Gobstoppers, in the very best way.  Chill, drink and chill. Repeat
early and often.

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