2019 Ryme Sangiovese/Friulano Fox Hill Vineyard

2019 Ryme Sangiovese/Friulano Fox Hill Vineyard

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Region: Mendocino < California

Grapes: Sangiovese, Friulano

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; Friulano is planted next to the Sangiovese, picked together and co-fermented carbonically; aged in Puncheon and bottled in January, unfiltered and with a minuscule sulfur addition; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Megan Glaab

Ryme is a small Sonoma-based label from a young husband and wife team, Megan and Ryan Glaab (the name Ryme is, in fact, a combo of their names – RY + ME). They don’t own any vineyards, but put a lot of work into forging vineyard relationships with organic growers from Santa Barbara to Mendocino County.  Each is an accomplished vigneron in his/her own right.  For years Ryan was the assistant winemaker at Wind Gap, before leaving last year to focus full-time on Ryme.  And Megan, who got her enology degree from the University of Adelaide in Australia, where she was force fed all the tricks and tools for making standard-issue wine, has respectfully ignored all the conventional rules and instead forged her path towards low-intervention, mindful winemaking.  She says she and Ryan are driven by their palate, wanting to make the wines she has always loved to drink – high acid, low alcohol, mineral-driven wines that showcase terroir.  

We're big fans of all of Megan and Ryan's wines, but this one was a fun surprise, super different than the rest of their range.   Inspired by the red/white blends made by their good friend Evan Lewandowski (the fruit even comes from his vineyards!), this carbonic red/white co-ferment is the prettiest translucent cherry red color.   It literally bursts with ripe cherry, cinnamon and rose water. Nothing like a full throttle, old school Sangiovese, this is frothy and delicious, like cherry Jolly Rancher juice. They recommend that you "chill it and swill it", and we couldn't agree more.

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