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2019 Montenigo Bianco

2019 Montenigo Bianco

Region: Valpolicella Valley < Veneto < Italy

Grape: Corvina

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic/biodynamic farming;
calcareous and clay soils; red grapes are harvested by hand and
pressed whole with a small press, producing an amber-colored must that ferments in oak, then aged in oak for at least six months before bottling unfined/unfiltered, with minimal added SO2; 12.5% ABV


An Italian unicorn -- white wine made from red grapes!

Agricola Montenigo is a small family estate near Verona in Italy's
Veneto region spread over 30 hectares, but less than one-third is
planted to vineyards -- the rest is olive groves and a densely wooded
forest.  While we wouldn't call them natty, Montenigo is absolutely a
natural wine estate, with excellent (and certified) organic/biodynamic
farming and very little intervention in the cellar.   They just happen
to make wines that are classic Valpolicella, meaning they check the
boxes for us natural wine aficionados while also working for classic

While this one sounds like a crazy experiment -- a white made from red
Corvina grapes -- it's actually a lovely, refreshing and super
interesting take on white wine.  Rather than let the juice soak on the
red skins for days, as in a typical red wine maceration process, they
give the Corvina grapes a quick press immediately after harvest,
producing an amber-hued juice that ferments in old, neutral oak
barrels.  But this isn't an orange wine.  I know, so confusing right?
But all you really need to know is that this delicious wine is
bone-dry, minerally and a touch floral, with vibrant acidity that
pairs with everything, including strong flavors -- we tested it with
bottarga, Italy's beloved salted/dried fish roe -- and it squashed all
fishy notes and made the whole mouth combo sing.
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