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2019 Matic Šipon

2019 Matic Šipon

Region: Štajerska < Slovenia
Grape: Sipon (a.k.a. Furmint)
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Cold maceration, fermented & aged in stainless
steel on the fine lees for 4 months; lightly filtered (vegan), minimal
sulfites added at bottling only; 12% ABV
Winemaker: Matija Zerjav (Matic)

When Napoleon made it to Štajerska he was thirsty, so someone brought
him a glass of what most know as Furmint. Of course Napoleon loved
this wine, being the gourmand that he was. “C’est Bon!” he exclaimed,
and thus it is known throughout Slovenia as Šipon, or so the story
goes. But you don’t have to conquer Europe to get your hands on Šipon!
We’ve got you covered.

Matija Zerjav (known simply as Matic to his friends and family) is a
third-generation vigneron. He is part of a younger generation of
winemakers not satisfied with the status-quo. While he understands and
respects the history and methods passed down from his grandfather, he
is also not afraid to take chances and think outside the box. The
minimal cellar work takes place in the family cellar, which was built
in 1852.  Matic chooses to farm his 9 hectares of land using all
organic and biodynamic methods, which he prefers not because organic
farming and natural winemaking are currently fashionable, but because
he firmly believes this is how wine should be made. He wants his
children to be able to play in the vineyard and someday, should they
choose, follow in his footsteps and farm the same land, hills, and

Coming from the predominantly white wine region of Štajerska, the
extreme northeastern portion of Slovenia (bordering Austria and
Hungary), Matic’s Sipon is a pure expression of Furmint, with loads of
under-ripe nectarine, bright, zesty orange and lemon, and ripping
acidity.  It spends time on the lees, so there is some body and
texture to balance the acid, but overall it's a flinty, minerally
refresher that stands alone beautifully but would also shine with
cheese, seafood of all sorts and those green veggies that are tough to
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