2019 Maison Crochet Native

2019 Maison Crochet Native

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Region: Lorraine < France

Gapes: Pinot Noir 33%, Gamay 33%, Chardonnay 33%

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic + biodynamic farming; from a
single vineyard of old vines on clay and limestone soils; Pinot +
Chard are destemmed, gamay goes in whole cluster; 14 day maceration
then co-fermented in concrete and bottled under crown cap with no
sulfites or additives; zero-zero; 13% ABV
Winemaker: Willifred Crochet

In 2016, after spending time working in Champagne, Burgundy, Rhone,
and abroad, Wilfried Crochet took over his family estate in Lorraine,
between Champagne and Alsace. He immediately converted the vineyards
to organic farming, and officially left the AOC of Cotes de Toul to be
able to create wines outside the local regulations -- which in France
means they make their own rules.  We love a good rebel story!  

Almost as much as we love this wine, which is textbook glou glou.  It was an
experiment, Wilifried's first foray into the nattier side of the natural wine spectrum, making this red/white co-ferment bottled under crown cap with no additives and a bright, graphic label.  Our friend Kayne, his US importer, convinced him to give it a try, and the thirsty drinkers in Paris and New York have been slurping it up.  We're
excited to be among the first retailers in Cali to get our hands on it, and we snagged a bunch -- because this is exactly the bright, fresh, easy drinking red we want right now.  It's a Cru Beaujolais mashup, lightened and lifted by the white grapes and the slightest hint of spritz, that tastes all warm and cozy and autumnal, like cherries muddled with mulling spices with a pine needle garnish.


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