2019 Laura Aschero Rosato

2019 Laura Aschero Rosato

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Region: Ponente DOC < Liguria < Italy

Grapes: Rossese 

Vineyard/cellar stats: Organic farming; terraced, coastal vineyards; direct press in stainless steel; bottled with minimal added So2; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Laura Aschero

Liguria is one of the most magical places on the Italian coast, the home of focaccia and pesto and so many other delicious things, like the sea salty coastal wines of the region!  The type for which Laura Aschero is famous.  A true pioneer for the quality wine movement there, she started her small project in the 80's, staying true to region's native varietals of the area: Vermentino, Pigato and the elusive red unicorn, Rossese.  Sadly, Laura passed away in 2009, but her son continues mom's traditions.

Although Rossese probably came to Liguria from the south of France, it is now considered the most important native red varietal of Liguria, but it is nearly impossible to find outside of the region.  Here this unicorn grape is the star of this gorgeous rosato, which is profoundly coastal in character.  The prettiest copper color, it is elegant, bone-dry and subtle, with watermelon, wild strawberry and coastal herbs and a hefty dose of sea spray.  Such a transportive and unique rosé that takes you straight to a seaside trattoria on the Italian coast.


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