2019 Garage Wine Co País-Cariñena 'Phoenix Ferment'

2019 Garage Wine Co País-Cariñena 'Phoenix Ferment'

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Region:  Pirque < Valle del Maipo < Chile
Grapes: País, Cariñena
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; fruit comes from 3 different family vineyards, each with 150 + years old bush-head vines on granitic soils; red grapes made white by first pressing Pais, whole bunches, lightly and letting the juice start to ferment; later Carignan is picked, immediately pressed whole cluster, and the juice is poured on top of the already-fermenting Pais juice in closed-top fermenter; once dry the wine stays on its lees for 8 weeks and we stir up the lees with a paddle once a week then aged in stainless steel; bottled unfined/unfiltered with minimal So2: 12.5% ABV; 233 cases
Winemaker: Derek Mossman + Pilar Miranda

OMG we love this project so much! Garage Wine Co. began quite literally in Pilar and Derek’s garage.  That's always cool, but listen to the couple's mission statement: At GWCo, we revive old vineyards in marginalized Chilean communities to make coveted wines. We’ve positioned these wines in a dozen established fine wine markets around the world and we grow. The wines are not made to be expensive per se, but they are found on the higher shelves– they need to command a price that allows for proper farming. What we have discovered is that the long-term practices of regenerative farming not only make for better fruit and thus more flavorful wine, but that such a business can become a force for financial, community and environmental good."  This is THE DREAM!  For packaging they use only recycled bottles, and source fruit only with local small family growers, creating jobs and keeping the cash in the community.  
On top of all this ethical awesomeness, the wines are fantastic and super fresh.  Like this white made from Chile's traditional red grapes, an innovative idea that began a few years ago after bushfires swept through the area rendering grapes unusable for skin-fermented red wine  (hence the name: Phoenix - this started as wine rising from the ashes!)  Says Derek, "'Phoenix' is sourced from three local families who form a part of our working team. It has become a kind of convoy picking day with small quantities picked in various sites. In this way we insure that more families benefit from the proper price paid for these grapes."   Floral, aromatic, fresh and clean, this wine goes down a margarita-like citrus path (salt rim included) but ends on the floral, stonefruit-y side.  Such a cool wine -- and story behind it.  So many reasons to love -- and drink a lot of -- the 'Phoenix'.

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