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2019 Fattoria di Vaira Ancestrale Bianco

2019 Fattoria di Vaira Ancestrale Bianco

Region: Molise < Italy

Grape: Chardonnay

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming; clay soils; made in the ancestral method with 1st fermentation in steel and 2nd fermentation in the bottle triggered by the addition of the same must; bottled unfined/unfiltered with no added So2; zero-zero; 11% ABV

Winemakers: Michele Lorenzetti + Eric Narioo

Natty Pet-Nat from Molise, the region of Italy you've never heard of!
Fattoria di Vaira, founded in the 19th century, is setting an example
not just for Italy, but all of Europe, to prove the case for
large-scale closed-circle biodynamic farming: 500 ha of vineyards are
enriched by a barn of dairy cows, an olive grove, and mixed crops for
cereals as well as fodder to feed the animals and re-capitalize the
soils. In just 12 years of biodynamic farming, all traces of previous
chemical-driven agriculture has been eliminated and their soils were
evaluated by an external lab to contain the same richness and vitality
of wild forest -- they successfully restored the soil, which is
exciting news.

And the juice is glorious!  Rich, honeyed yellow apples and pears with
a light fizz, bright acid and a touch of pleasant farm funk on the
finish, this is fun Pet-Nat is definitely on the natty spectrum but
not at all weird or gym-socky.  It drinks clean and dry, perfect for
the bubbly season upon us.
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