2019 Domaine Mann Riesling ‘Happy lemon’

2019 Domaine Mann Riesling ‘Happy lemon’

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Region: Alsace < France

Grape: Riesling

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified Biodynamic by Biodyvin; Certified
Organic by Ecocert; granite and sandstone soils; manual harvest in
boxes, gentle and long pressing, natural fermentation in indigenous
yeasts (which gives each wine its own personality), aging on the lees
for at least a year; bottled unfined/unfiltered with no added So2;
zero-zero; 13% ABV; 50 cases

Winemaker:  Sébastien Mann

Domaine Mann is a small estate in Eguisheim, in the heart of the
Alsace, with 13 hectares of vines that have been certified organic
since 2004, and biodynamic since 2014 (though biodynamics have been practiced since 2009 on all the vines). They focus on the health of the soil so that the roots can dig deep and soak up the precious
minerals in these rocky limestone soils. In the cellar they use the
same respect and restraint, eschewing any oenological products,
including added sulfites, to allow the terroir to shine bright.
There's a lot of conventional viticulture in Alsace, so this strong
natural stand is rare and awesome to find.

And wow, the Happy Lemon shines bright, almost blindingly so.
Pristine, mineral-driven, bone-dry and intensely lemony, with a firm
structure and acidity that hits like a bolt of lightening, this is
Riesling for acid-heads.  The finish is like sucking a lemon, but like
a Meyer Lemon, not harsh but electric.   STAFF FAVORITE

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