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2019 Deux Punx Pétillant Naturel

2019 Deux Punx Pétillant Naturel

Region: Contra Costa County < California
Grapes: Muscat
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; made in the ancestral method, with one fermentation in the bottle, capped before fermentation is complete, capturing the natural Co2 that makes it fizzy; not disgorged, bottled with the cloudy stuff + no added So2; 12% ABV.
Winemaker: Dan Schaaf & Aaron Olson

NEW VINTAGE ALERT! This super fun Cali Pet’Nat made by two aging punks is back in stock!

Dan Schaaf, former skateboarder now water-resources engineer, and his partner Aaron Olson, former punk band drummer turned software engineer, have no intention of ever trading the security of their straight gigs for full-time winemaking. Because they don't want to be dependent on the income from wine to put food on the table - lest it change their motivation for natty winemaking and affordability.  They met in 2005 and bonded over this shared punk attitude. Their motto: “Deux Punx are the antidote the wine industry needs. Utter crassness! No training, no affiliations and plans to keep it that way. Punk rock ethos insist wines are made frugally and sold for honest prices.” 

The parallels between their love of punk/skate culture and the back-to-basics, anti-establishment ethos of natural winemaking are clear.  They're all about risk and freedom, having skipped skilled formal winemaking training, instead taking a DIY approach.  Schaaf says: “Aaron and I have always said, ‘let’s not be influenced, let’s be outsiders a little bit.” And while they've come a long way, they're still on the fringe -- and happy to stay there.  They started with a 60 case production in 2007, and are now up to a whopping 700 cases total across 8 or so different wines.

But the wines are good.  Really good.  Like this Pet'Nat of the aromatic Muscat grape, made in the ancestral method, with zero additives.  It's seductive fizz that smells flowery and honeyed but is bone dry, with citrusy acidity and the prettiest citrus pop, like orange blossom-flavored Fanta.  Perfect for brunch, day drinking or aperitivo.

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