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2019 Château Laubarit Bordeaux NSA Rouge

2019 Château Laubarit Bordeaux NSA Rouge

Region: Entre-Deux-Mers < Bordeaux< France        

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic by Ecocert & Biodynamic by Demeter; limestone clay soils full of tiny fossilized oysters; stainless steel fermentation with pump-overs by hand; aged in stainless steel for 2/3, oak barrels for 1/3; no added So2; 12% ABV
Winemaker: Isabelle & Florent Simonneau 

LADY IN CHARGE: Isabelle, whose grandparents were farmers, grew up with her hands in the soil. So, when she met Florent, her husband and member of one of the original Bordeaux wine families, naturally she started working the vines with Florent and his father. She then got a technical degree in winemaking and wine business, began managing the estate in 1994, and today is the big boss of Château Laubarit, one of the cleanest and greenest estates in all of Bordeaux.

The Château Laubarit estate (in the family since 1780) was a pioneer in organic farming, having started in 1965 (!) and getting certified in 1975.  They moved into Biodynamic farming in the late 90’s and were certified in 2003. This is HELLA unusual in Bordeaux, a region, not unlike Napa, where consistency and tradition in the wines are paramount (after all, most important Bordeaux wine is sold as futures).  This might be the first time we’ve ever been smitten by a Bordeaux wine, but this adorable, proudly NSA (no sulfites added) table wine is hard not to love.  Light, fresh and almost glou glou in its drinkability, it smells bright purple, like grape Jello.  In your mouth this grapey juiciness is tempered by a host of crunchy, exotic fall flavors, like cardamom and anise, and some earthy, grounding forest floor.  Delightful with a slight chill.  A very versatile food red (also great with cheese!)

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