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2019 Cerruti "Rifol" Moscato Frizzante

2019 Cerruti "Rifol" Moscato Frizzante

Region: Castiglione Tinella > Piedmonte > Italy

Grapes: 100% Moscato

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, vineyards with calcareous soil, fermented in cement tanks, fermented in Methode Ancestrale style then aged in the bottle for a solid 8 months, untouched and unfiltered. Vegan, with no added SO2; 12.5% ABV; 580 cases

Winemaker: Ezio Cerruti

This lovely white pet'nat transports you to a field of vibrant white flowers, with a zesty grapefruit twist that makes your taste buds dance like the tiny bubbles this natty wine is full of. But 'RiFol' is not your average grocery store Moscato —this is the real deal, before Moscato fizz started getting a bad rap. This wine is what all the cool cats in Roman wine bars are buzzing about! Ezio Cerruti is the mastermind behind this bottle. Born and bred in Castiglione Tinella, in Italy's Piemonte region, he practically grew up in a Moscato wonderland, in a charming village right on the border with Asti, just a stone's throw away from Barbaresco.

Ezio started his winemaking journey in a co-op, learning valuable lessons from the community of growers that surrounded him. But he had grand visions, a dream of crafting a Castiglione Tinella Moscato that would defy expectations—a wine that would elevate the expression of his beloved homeland beyond Moscato d'Asti for the masses. So, he took the plunge and purchased a centuries-old estate where he makes wine his way -- naturally, from organic farming. And he's actually walking the walk, not just making "sustainable" talk. In his personal life, he's a vegan who grows much of his own produce. And in an era of frequent flying, Ezio prefers the open road, cruising through Europe on his trusty motorcycle. Not only has he made his winery carbon neutral, but he himself is an eco-warrior, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Being surrounded by producers of mass-market Asti Spumante, Ezio's organic, herbicide -free vineyards lie in stark contrast to his neighbors. He uses no systemics, only copper or sulfur to fight mildew in the vineyards, and cultivates biodiversity.

Made in the Methode Ancestrale, or old-school style, of making sparkling wine, 'RiFol' gets its soft bubbles when the partially-fermented wine gets bottled, with no added SO2, thus trapping the natural CO2 caused by the fermentation. Because the Italians believe the good stuff lives in the spent yeast, the wine is unfined and unfiltered, proudly displaying a lush, cloudy texture.  Aromatic but bone dry and so chuggable, it tastes like white peaches, apricots and white flowers set against briny minerals and a bitter grapefruit edge.   Light, fresh, delicious, this is the perfect everyday bubble that'll take you from brunch (try it in a Mimosa with blood orange juice!) all the way through Aperitivo and into the night.  Stock up for summer.
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