2018 Viña Gonzalez Bastias Naranjo

2018 Viña Gonzalez Bastias Naranjo

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Region: Valle de Maule < Chile

Grapes: Moscatel Rosada, Torontel, País

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming; 220+ year old vines on soil
made up of river stones on top of a granite bedrock of volcanic
origin; grapes are crushed by hand over a bamboo zaranda, Moscatel and
Torontel macerate on the skins for 60 days before the Pais juice is
added and co-fermented with native yeasts; 6 months aging in large,
100 year old Rauli (native Chilean wood) barrels.; bottled
unfined/unfiltered with no added So2; zero-zero; 12.9% ABV; 133 cases

Winemakers: Daniela Lorenza and Jose Luis Gonzalez Bastias

González Bastías is a town, and a small, family owned winery in
western Maule owned by couple Daniela Lorenza and Jose Luis Gonzalez
Bastias. They naturally farm 4 hectares of 7th generation Pais that
was planted in 1800 - yes, 1800!  Like 221 years ago!!!  They focus on
the local grape Pais and make some of the most natural and truly
handmade Pais-centric wines in a region that is becoming a natural
wine hotspot.  Bearing the distinction of the longest continuously-run
family estate in the region, they've become a reference point for real
Chilean wine (forget the commercial stuff, it doesn't count).  They
also operate a natural wine bar there.  We're basically counting the
days until we can visit.

Until then, we can drink this intoxicating orange wine, made in
ancient terracotta amphora, locally called Tinaja.  It gets macerated
with skins for 60 days, because this style is traditional in here, not
because orange wine is trendy. A blend of red & white varietals, this
wine is cloudy and complex with peaches and orange peel, cilantro and
pineapple -- a savory kind of fruit salad with a pleasing touch of
bitterness.  We're in love.  This wine is everything we want for fall.
And unlike many orange wines, the tannins are low, so it works at ice
cold or at room temperature, each variation revealing different
flavors.  Go ahead, play, you can't lose at this game.

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