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2019 Vevey Marziano Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle

2019 Vevey Marziano Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle

Region: Morgex < Vallee D’Aoste < Italy

Grapes: Prié Blanc

Winemaker: Vevey Marziano

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; 100-year old, dry-farmed
own-rooted vines on volcanic soils at high elevation (1200m); fruit is
destemmed, gently pressed with a hand press and fermented in tank for
15 days, then aged in tank for one year and bottled unfiltered with
minimal So2; 12% ABV

Nestled in the Alps between France and Switzerland (at the base of
Mont Blanc), the Valle d’Aoste (Italy's smallest region) is a hidden
gem in Italy, with more castles than residents.  Dotting the fairytale
alpine landscape are scattered micro vineyards -- because large, flat
vineyard sites just don't exist in this extreme mountainous region. At
1200m ++ (roughly 4000 feet), the Marziano vineyards are THE HIGHEST
vineyards in all of Europe.  Vevey Marzian and his wife Judith work a
handful of tiny plots scattered around (and up) the valley, all
themselves, by hand and organically. Intense sunshine, cold nights,
poor, rocky soils and restraint in the cellar is his secret sauce in
producing ripe but dark-fruited, structured, savory, mineral wines --
unlike wines found anywhere else on the boot.

In 1981, Marziano inherited 2,000 square meters of vines but wasn't
psyched about it. His father, Marcello, had tended his vineyards
passionately, producing just enough wine to share with friends. At his
premature passing, Marziano couldn’t bear to part with his inheritance
given its spiritual connection to his beloved father, so he accepted
the challenge to pick up where his father had left off.  With his wife
Judith at his side, he began his adventure as “the accidental
winemaker.” Fueled by the tenacity typical of mountain people and
taking advantage of every second of his free time (both he and his
wife had demanding day jobs), he dedicated himself to the vineyards,
gradually expanding them and growing production from 600 bottles per
year to the current 5,000 bottles, which is a tiny super tiny quantity
in the world of wine but pretty normal for the Vallee d'Aoste region.

This is true mountain wine made of Prié Blanc, a native Alpine grape.
Bone dry, crisp with electric acid, there are hints of under ripe
pear, white flowers and mountain herbs there, but really it just
tastes like pristine, crystal clear water running over rocks in an
alpine stream.  We put this one in the "delicious water" category
because it really is so fresh and ethereal that it slides down your
throat like water, barely there.
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