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2018 Tiberi 'Il Musticco' Pet'Nat

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Region: Monte Petriolo < Umbria < Italy
Grapes: Gamay de Trasimeno (Grenache) & Ciliegiolo  
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; 350 M above sea level, south-west of Lago di Trasimeno; rocky schist, marne and galestro soils; unfined/unfiltered, no SO2, 11.5%
Winemaker: Federico Tiberi

While the Tiberi family has been making wine for three generations, in 2015 Federico took the leap with the “wine-whisperer” Danilo Marcucci to make his already organically-farmed wine without ANY additives, including sulfites, then bottle and bring the wine to the world (instead of just the local market).  With 3.5 hectares of vineyards in the heart of Umbria, this family-run estate is a gem where Federico and his 4-family member team works in the vineyards, cellar, and even bottles and labels the wines by hand.  Musticco means “mosquito” in Italian, and the fizzy excitement of this wine is like the sting and electricity of a mosquito bite (in a good way, for once).  Made in the method ancestral, this garnet-hued pet’nat is ALIVE, cloudy with the spent yeast (the good stuff!), no added sulfur, and no additives. It’s tart, crunchy and chewy like rhubarb, cranberries, early-season red berries, with a freshness and rusticity that transports you to the Umbrian countryside.

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