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2019 ThereAfter Wine Co. Sauvignon Musqué Pet'Nat

2019 ThereAfter Wine Co. Sauvignon Musqué Pet'Nat

Region: Contra Costa County < CA

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc (Musqué clone)

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; sandy, clay soils; fermentation in bottle, nothing added, bottled under crown cap with minimal So2; 12.8% ABV; 25 cases

Winemakers: James Allen & Lorenza

The antidote for NZ Sauv Blanc, this wine is flinty and fleshy, drinking more like a subtly oaked Chardonnay than SB as you know it. It comes from a lovely young couple, James and Lorenza, who are focused on regenerative viticulture and super low intervention winemaking.  Their philosophy is that the land, vines, and wine will exist far longer than we can imagine. They say, "With this in mind, being good stewards of the vineyards and the ecosystems within them is our top priority. Everything else falls into place more easily afterwards."

We recently sat with James and Lorenza to talk farming, politics and California wine, while tasting their impressive lineup, including this lightly fizzy Pet'Nat made from the same Sauvignon (the Musque clone) used in their fleshy still wine.  They decided to use the same fruit to make a Pet'Nat for themselves to drink.  They had no intention of selling it, but we begged, so they bottled and labeled it just for Rock Juice.  Here, you find the same tropical fruit, pear and golden apple in a refreshing spritzy format.  Nothing too funky here, this is a pretty, straightforward bubbly that would be lovely as an apertivo this holiday season, one that is interesting enough to satisfy wine geeks but friendly enough to share with natural wine newbies.  Amazing value for the quality, stock up.
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